A Day in the Life of a Tree Surgeon

At Butlers, we pride ourselves on the fun and positive environment we work hard to create for our family-run team! We love to read reviews that highlight this happy and friendly atmosphere that we bring along with us to every job. Many of our clients are very interested in what we do and how we do it. So, what is a day in the life of a tree surgeon really like?

Get Ready…

A typical day at Butlers starts off with meeting all the team in the yard. We are soon met by Luke who sets out the teams for the day and we lay down the action plan. After this, we all gather around for our ‘Tool Box Talk’ where Stephen goes over a few things that we have done well over the past week and a few things to improve on. This helps the team to focus on the tasks at hand and motivates us to keep up the hard work! 

Get Steady…

Next, it’s time to get the kit ready! We go out into the yard and get our vans, chippers, saws, and machines filled and checked for the day ahead depending on the type of work. The final check is for safety equipment, including helmets, ear defenders and first aid kits. Our Health and Safety procedures are taken very seriously onsite. The team makes sure checks are done thoroughly and carefully every morning before we head out. After this, we’re on our way to the job.


Once we arrive the team leader does a walk-through with the client and they point out what work they want to be done according to the job sheet. The rest of the team set up our tools and machines needed for the day. When this is complete, it’s time to get to work! Depending on the length of the job we stop for two breaks during the day, one at 10:00 and another at 13:00. We love to work on a sunny and warm day but will get the job done come rain or shine!

Every day on a job is filled with banter, teamwork, learnings, and a lot of hard graft. However, every day can be different based on the jobs that come in. Some days we’ll be meters in the air removing huge trees and other days we’ll be fixing fencing firmly on the ground! It keeps the kind of work we do exciting and feels like a new adventure every time we head out on a job.

We work through the day until usually about 16:30, but this depends on the size of the job. If we can’t get it finished in that time the team are always up for a bit of overtime! When we get back to the yard we’re most of the time covered in mess but always feeling like we accomplished a great deal that day. We return the vans to the shed and maybe sharpen a saw or two if we have time. Then it’s time to head home for a shower and a well deserved rest.


If you have any questions about the services we provide, feel free to get in touch!