Consultancy – Tree Feeding

Trees are living dynamic organisms that take soluble nutrients from the soil. Like all living things they sometimes become nutrient deficient and need health care. Trees suffer from different types of ill health including, mechanical damage, bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Tree feeding is essential to sustain and regain tree health.

Tree feeding to combat tree decline 

Soil compaction is also one major cause of tree decline, it causes widespread root death in the small fibrous feeder roots which will eventually lead to tree death. This is because the pore space in the soil becomes smaller, restricting the air and water from getting to the roots. Consequently, the transport system to the leaves is compromised. Due to lack of water the tree cannot sustain a large canopy of leaves and starts to shut down to try and conserve water. This is seen in the thinning of the crown extremities.

There is often a remedy without the need to start a chainsaw, for example scientific evidence shows that by aerating the soil and feeding nutrients we can reverse the decline of the tree. This will in time leave your trees looking as healthy as your lush green lawn.

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