Consultancy – Tree Surveys

Tree surveys are one of the ways that G A Butler & Sons offer expert consultancy advice on all aspects of tree management. Advice, reports and recommendations are all provided by fully qualified and insured professionals in order to meet all of your domestic and commercial needs.

We useĀ  the Visual Tree Assessment method (VTA) to helpĀ  of structural defects and the evaluation of their significance from visible signs and the application of biomechanical criteria. Simple equipment such as a sounding mallet, probe and binoculars are commonly used.

Tree surveys are an excellent way to evaluate what species are on your property. From this, you can learn about how they can affect you. In the majority of cases the results provide reassurance that you have healthy trees that are a danger to no one. However, it is always advisable to have a tree survey done periodically so that you are familiar with the trees that are growing on your property.

We carry out the following surveys:

Tree Surveys for planning purposes

To establish the condition of the trees on site and any wildlife they support. Including the formation of an arboricultural method statement, we give detail regarding the protection of retained trees. Root Protection Areas (RPA) are measured and protective barriers installed. We monitor these barriers on regular site visits throughout construction.

Tree Hazard Assessments

Carried out to identify any potential hazards and put in place future management programmes. On completion of a survey we work with clients to ensure management programmes are followed. Trees near highways and in public places are a high priority

Decay detection

Where the need is identified for further investigation decay detection takes place. This can be in the form of ultrasound testing, thermal imaging or resistance testing.

If you’re in need of a tree survey, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.