Consultancy – BS5837

Another consultancy service offered is British Standard BS5837, which is used by planners, architects, builders and engineers. The standard is a guide to assist professional arborists in deciding which trees should be retained. It also helps them find the best way to protect them whilst a site is being developed.

Qualified expert conducting tree survey as part of consultancy and BS5837 services


G A Butler & Sons Limited have experience producing BS5837 compliant tree surveys and arboricultural method statements for submission to planning. Well constructed Surveys, Method Statements, Protection Plans, and Management Recommendations can be the difference between planning approval and rejection.

Tree Surveys

A tree survey, whether it is required or not, is an excellent way to evaluate what species are on your property and how they can affect you. In the majority of cases the results provide reassurance that you have healthy trees that are a danger to no one. However, it is always advisable to have a tree survey done periodically. This enables you to be familiar with the trees that are growing on your property.


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