A Tour of the Butlers’ Workshop

Butlers’ workshop is filled with equipment that helps us do our job with quality and efficiency. From the cherry pickers that help us reach high places, to the chainsaws that help us cut wood, it all comes together in getting the job done right. We’re obviously passionate about our big boys toys, so we wanted to share the in-and-outs of our workshop and yard so you can know all the kinds of equipment we’ve purchased over the years.

Out in the Yard

Butlers have our vans ready to go for any jobs that we might get called for. We’ve also got a few all-terrain vehicles with four-wheel drive for anything on uneven land. We keep space in the yard for spare logs and extra fuel for our vans, as well as hedge trimmings that might end up in our composter. We also keep our log splitter out in the yard – obviously it would make a mess if we used it inside the workshop!

Big Machines

This is where we keep our telehandler here too, which is a machine used to lift and carry all kinds of materials. As you can imagine, it often comes in handy to move things that are otherwise too heavy to lift and shift. In a lot of Butlers’ jobs, we need to reach high-up places as well, so for this task we have two 27-metre cherry pickers that can help raise us up. We also have a fleet of trailers that can help carry wood chips, logs and other waste, or materials for fencing and landscaping jobs.

Different Jobs, Different Requirements

Different jobs have different requirements, with some spaces small and some large it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. That’s why Butlers have a range of chippers, from 6’ to 12’; they’re prepared for any job they’re needed for. Our diggers are similar, with big and small ones that can be sent out depending on the access circumstance.

Our tractors are obviously useful in a whole manner of situations, and we even have a smaller model for littler areas, like gardens, so we can do our job quicker and more easily. Speaking of tractors, Butlers is particularly fond of a vintage model that’s been with us for generations and still stored in the workshop. Of course, there’s little use for it on jobs nowadays!

Into the Workshop

Inside the workshop itself, we all kinds of equipment that always come in handy. For example, there’s a myriad of hedge cutters and chainsaws of different lengths, including a whole range of re-chargeable ones. This is where we keep our mowers too, as well as our fence post fitting machine, which helps us build fences faster and more efficiently. This is also the location of our flailbot, a radio controlled machine for clearing long grass and scrub, as well as the climbing and safety equipment that help us use all our machinery safely.

Maintenance and Safety

Above the main workshop is where the Bulters’ office is situated, but in our line of work we don’t tend to spend too much time there! We have our own maintenance bay to keep our equipment top-notch – we make sure everything is compliant with LOLER (Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations) requirements, to keep everything as safe as possible. All our equipment requires training to use, especially the pieces that are larger and heavier, which also require an operator who is more familiar with the machinery present.

Butlers always keep our machines in tip-top shape – not just for us, but also for when we rent them out, so they still operate safely and efficiently. Our vehicles are properly certified too, so we know everything will work properly whenever anyone takes them out on a job. Butlers is always very conscious of safety, as tree surgeons have to be, so we take equipment maintenance very seriously.

So, next time you call Butlers to a job you’ll know where we keep all our amazing machines – and you may even see some of it in the hands of someone who’s rented it out!