Best Autumnal Trees for a Beautiful Garden

Autumn is an amazing time of year.  The leaves are changing colours and transforming gardens, streets and parks into a wonderful rainbow of red, yellow and orange. This seasonal transformation often provides inspiration for what trees you may want in your garden. That way, at this time of year to see the lovely autumnal tree colours, you just have to look at outside. Let’s take a look at the trees that are nicest during autumn…

1. Maple Trees

The Maple Tree is one of the most common trees found throughout the UK and are often found in parks. Their high tolerance for pollution makes them an excellent fit for both rural and urban locations. Their leaves gradually turn yellow and orange before reaching their notable, vivid red. 

autumnal tree 2. Cherry Trees

Although Cherry Trees are more widely known for their beautiful leaf display in Spring, they are also nice on the eyes all throughout Autumn. There are many different types of Cherry Trees, so you’ll need to decide which will be the best fit for your garden! 

3. Beech Trees

Beech Trees are another UK favourite, commonly found throughout all parts of southern England. Known for growing to heights of between 30-50 metres in the wild, their height is often capped when sold making them perfect for garden use. 

Why do leaves change colour? 

All of this talk of pretty tree leaves may have left you wondering, why do their leaves change colour? As the trees prepare for winter, their metabolism begins to slow down as they are able to absorb less and less light. If you want to read more about the science behind the autumnal tree colour changes, you check out our article, here. 

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