Caring for Trees in an Urban Environment

While trees in an urban environment need all the same nutrients as any other plant to grow, they face some unique challenges. They can be a beautiful and worthwhile addition to any neighbourhood, but if you want to get all the benefits, you need to treat them right. Let’s explore what’s so great about urban trees and how to best care for them.

Benefits of Urban Trees

Beyond brightening up the space between grey streets and buildings, trees have a lot of practical benefits in an urban environment. Fully grown trees provide lots of shade which can otherwise be difficult to come by in towns and cities. They are therefore great at keeping the local area and ground cooler, while also helping to reduce pollution in the air by absorbing carbon dioxide.

They’re also a welcome habitat for all kinds of animals alongside functioning as a sustainable food source for many of them as well. While they might occasionally need a bit of extra effort to care for, it’s more than worth it for these reasons.

The Problems They Face

In an urban environment, trees face unique stresses they wouldn’t ordinarily experience in rural areas. Many have trouble with poor soil quality, whether it be too compacted or lacking in nutrients. They often struggle to get access to the necessary volume of water, while tall buildings can prevent them from getting the sunlight they need.

There is also a larger amount of pollutants in the air of urban areas, which can have a negative impact on a trees’ overall health. These factors compound the problems any tree would face in surviving, like adverse weather and bacterial and fungal diseases.

How to Care for Them Successfully

Understanding the problems faced by urban trees help us get closer to adopting the right solutions. From the very start, it’s important to choose the right place to plant a tree so that it minimises these issues. Some locations might need some work, but it’s worthwhile to ensure the tree will survive for years to come.

The right method needs to be implemented when planting, then afterward it can be beneficial to apply fertiliser to encourage growth. In droughts, a tree will benefit significantly from being watered too, so as long as it is cared for proactively it will continue to prosper.

Trees are a great boon to any urban environment, and even if they take a little extra effort they’re more than worth it. Unfortunately, we understand they won’t always survive – but we’re more than happy to help with removal. You can find out more about our arboricultural services here.