Garden Visitors – Who to Look Out For

As the weather turns nicer and nicer, you may notice some new garden visitors. Sometimes it may be difficult to decide whether an animal is hurting or helping the plants, flowers and trees in your garden. Keep reading to learn about the common visitors you may find in your garden!

Deer – While it is always nice to look out your window and see a group of deer enjoying some grass, grass isn’t the only thing they will be munching on. Deer will eat pretty much anything leafy and green or flowery growing in your garden. Maybe consider installing fences to keep them out. See our fencing services here.

Squirrels/ Rabbits – Similar to squirrels and rabbits are delicate-looking, but can wreak havoc in your garden, especially during the harsh winter months. When squirrels run out of their primary food sources, they will eat any vegetables, fruit and flowering plants in your garden.

Bats – While bats are often given a negative reputation, they are actually very beneficial. They eat primarily insects and can eat upwards of 3,000 per night which can be very helpful in the control and maintenance of pesky bugs in your garden. In addition, allowing bats to thrive in or near your garden will also help build their population up which unfortunately is on the decline.

Birds – There are many species of birds you may find flying about and nesting in your garden. Most birds do not pose a threat to your flowers, plants or trees; therefore, they are a great addition to the garden aesthetic. They primarily eat worms, insects and slugs which are important to keep at a good ratio in your yard

Lizards, Toads and Snakes – While lizards, toads and snakes are not favoured by most, they are actually very beneficial to have in your garden. They do not eat any shrubbery or flowers, but will maintain a good balance of insects and rodents

Hopefully, this post has been informative and given you some insight into the animals you may see wandering about in your garden this summer. While as arborists our main focus is trees, we still like to keep a look out for the little creatures that might be running around in your garden!

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