Grapple Saw

Butlers have all kinds of machines and tools to help us get the job done right, and the Grapple Saw makes a brilliant addition to our arsenal.

Grapple Saws are a safer, more productive way to cut and stack logs of wood. The way it works is quite simple. Able to grasp logs and tree trunks, it can then saw through them with a chainsaw-like appendage. In fact, this machine basically acts like a big chainsaw that you can operate remotely.

Being able to stand well-back while it works its magic makes it safer than getting up close with a chainsaw. However, it still requires a license and training to operate.

The machine can be quite dangerous if misused, especially if someone gets caught with the grapple, whether the saw is active or not. Like much of our equipment, it can be fun to use but you have to be careful while you do.

If you’re in need of the Saw and would like to hire it out, please get in touch with us.

Grapple saw being carried by Butlers' van