Hot Air Balloon

If you look up in the skies on a clear day around Berkshire, you might be able to spot Butlers’ Hot Air Balloon floating through the air. We love all the wondrous pieces of equipment we get to use as tree surgeons, and our Hot Air Balloon is a brilliant addition to our arsenal.

What does the balloon look like?

Butlers’ Hot Air Balloon is a size 90,000 cubic feet, and can transport 3-4 people through the air. You might be wondering how you’ll be able to spot it – and if you’re at all familiar with Butler’s branding it will be instantly recognisable. Sporting Butler’s distinctive green colours and proudly displaying our logo, there’s no mistaking that it’s ours when you see it float through the sky.

The Hot Air Balloon’s Pilot

Our resident aeronaut, Jonathan, has been fascinated by Hot Air Balloons since childhood. He grew up with a father who also pilots balloons, so the role very much runs in the family – which is more than fitting for a family enterprise like Butlers. Jonathan is a fully trained and accredited Hot Air Balloon pilot, and is especially passionate about his role with Butlers. So if you’re ever lucky enough to hitch a ride in our balloon, he’s the one who’ll be your guide.

The Hot Air Balloon’s Uses

Our Hot Air Balloon is by far our biggest and best advertising investment!

We love taking our Hot Air Balloon to all kinds of festivities – whether they be for Balloon enthusiasts or the general public. You may have spotted Butlers’ Balloon at events like Longleat’s Sky Safari or Bristol International Balloon Fiesta – and there are many more we’ll attend in the future. If there’s an event you’d like to see our Hot Air Balloon attend, then get in touch and we’ll see if we can make an appearance!

Flights for clients are also a possibility – no charges are made though, this Balloon is purely for advertising and entertaining!

Update: On Tour

We had the pleasure of attending the European Balloon festival in Igualada, Barcelona this month. Since the weather was a little choppy, only smaller balloons were allowed to fly, and event then at a low altitude. Our’s was the perfect size to join in though, so we flew across the Spanish skies alongside a variety of other balloon’s in the 26th edition of the festival. Take a look at some photos of the event below!

Butlers' hot air balloon deflated Looking up through the inside of the hot air balloon The hot air balloon among other balloons Looking at a laptop with a map with the hot air balloon in the background Hot air balloons in the sky of the European Balloon Festival