Local Authority Contract Work

A lot of the work Butlers does is domestic. From tree surgery to landscaping, we’re happy to provide our clients with an efficient, quality service. However, we also do contract work for local authorities, too. Whether it’s an emergency, or a routine job Butlers’ extensive experience make us a reliable choice for councils, charities and a whole manner of other clients.

Ash Dieback in Test Valley

Just recently, Butlers were contracted by Test Valley Council to handle cases of Ash dieback in three sites throughout Andover. Dieback in ash trees occurs as a result of a fungal infection and is highly destructive to the species. This means that it’s important to prevent the spread of the disease so it doesn’t threaten more trees. While Butlers’ mostly do our auditing, on this occasion it was conducted by the council’s in-house tree survey – so we knew exactly what we needed to do before arriving on the scene.

How We Helped to Solve the Problem

Each dieback site requires one team to take care of the problem. Our teams are always equipped properly for the job; and on this occasion the best tool is a digger with a timber grab. With it, we can operate quickly and efficiently without compromising on safety. In fact, Butlers were able to handle the first ash dieback site in four days even though we were contracted for five. This allows the dieback to be dealt with as smoothly as possible, and means the council don’t have to worry about the infection spreading even more.

Efficient Solutions to Other Problems

After dealing with the dieback, Test Valley Council asked us to poison the tree stumps so they don’t cause more trouble. To do this, Butlers make sure that the stumps are left high so they don’t create a tripping hazard. As well as this, the poison we use is dog friendly, so it won’t have any adverse affects on unsuspecting animals.

With all material disposed of safely, Butlers make sure that the entire job is secure for both the team and everyone else. After it was over, we offered to remove some ivy for the council as well, since it’s a relatively simple tree survey to undertake. With that over, we were off to the next job!