Low Maintenance Trees

The last thing you want to do is blindly choose a tree for you garden and have it turn out to be more difficult to care for than a toddler. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of the tree’s we’ve deemed low maintenance and easy to take care of:


Pyrus Calleryana ‘Chanticleer’

The Pyrus Calleryana is as great tree that has a long list of benefits and very few drawbacks. They are the teardrop shaped tree that you can usually find along streets and parklands. Their pear like shape comes from their branches natural growth upwards. They are very durable trees that can withstand high winds, ranging humidities and are not picky about the soil they are planted in. Their shape also means you don’t need to worry about the branches constantly impeding on your neighbours land. All in all, a great choice whether you need some garden privacy or just a low maintenance tree.


Evergreen Magnolia

This type of Magnolia is a great option for those trying to escape part of the fall cleanup that results from falling leaves. Evergreen Magnolias are great at acclimating to most moderate to warm environments. With there being nearly 125 species of Magnolia and over half of those being evergreen, there will be some that are better accustomed to a particular climate than another. Overall, these trees are easy to take care of. They need regular watering and sunlight like most trees but are not picky about the surrounding soil.


Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is a beautiful tree that can add a great vibe to your garden. These trees can grow amazingly in the most poor soil conditions, so that shouldn’t be a major concern for you. Their only main requirements are partial shade and out of the way of harsh winds. As for watering, they don’t need to be watered very often, unless it’s a particularly dry time of year. While they take a while before reaching full maturity, they are a strong and sturdy tree.


Green Beech

The Green Beech is another great tree that doesn’t require much attention. They only need pruning every once and a while and a capable of thriving in a wide range of environments. Similar to the many other species of deciduous trees, their green leaves turn to a beautiful bronzed gold colour in the fall.


While there are many more trees that are easy to take care of, these are some of our favorites. They add beauty to your garden without having to painfully take care of them.