New Team Member: James Colledge

Butlers would like to welcome a new addition to the team – James Colledge. James has actually been friends with Luke and Stephen for over thirty years, and he’s collaborated with Butlers on a number of occasions in the past. Now, though, he’s taken on a permanent role for us, as Butlers Landscaping Manager.

The Landscaping Manager

Chances are, if you’re calling up for a landscaping job it’s James you’ll be talking to. Luke’s still going to be your man for tree surgery, though, and the big commercial jobs will likely involve both of them together. Customer service is one of James’ biggest strengths and he’s proud of his ability to be personable and communicative. His new position transfers a lot of skills from his previous jobs, so he really knows his stuff.

While the position is very customer-facing, James will also be dealing other matters, such as ordering materials and handling job progress. This is where his attention to detail comes in handy – another key skill he’s made use of throughout his other work. As the other members of Butlers are more occupied with practical work, the addition of James is a welcome one. It means they can continue to focus on their strengths while James focuses on his, making for a smoother running organisation.

James’ Focus

James has a few areas he’d like to focus on through his job. Winning work has been going well so far, with September setting up a pretty packed October to December. What he’s looking toward right now is recruitment, however, to help expand the landscaping side of the business. It’s common for people to say to Butlers, “I’m not sure if you do this kind of work,” and James wants to let people know that they have the skills and the machinery to do it all to the professional standard Butlers customers expect. He wants to play his part in growing the business far beyond tree surgery, into a one-stop shop that can do everything in the garden that customers need them to, even though Butlers are clearly still “the tree people” to go to!

Landscaping involves all kinds of work, including patios, driveways, fences, planting, turfing, gates and automation. James finds the various construction methods really interesting and is excited to try new and different approaches. So, if you’re interested in having any landscaping work carried out, make sure you let James know!

In his spare time, James enjoys traveling, sports and working with the community, for example with charities and youth groups. Butlers is a family business, even if it’s not bound by blood, and its something he’s glad to be a part of. So in the future, if you call up Butlers in need of some landscaping it may well be James on the other end of the line!