Our Top 5 Most Important Tools

Our clients often share great interest in our cutting-edge (and cutting hedge) machinery and tools when we’re on any job from fencing to landscaping. We love sharing our inside knowledge on what tools are the best for what jobs and why. We also enjoy giving our recommendations for your own home-maintenance jobs, after all, our team members have had experience with almost every tool out there in our line of work! So, we thought you’d like to know about the Top 5 Most Important Tools in our kit that we couldn’t do our job without.


1. Garden Rake

You may laugh and think “what on earth does a tree surgeon need a rake for?”. Well, you may have read in our Google reviews from many impressed clients that mention how we leave a job without a trace and this is where the rake comes in handy! At BUTLERS we take real pride in our work and we like to ensure that our sites are left as tidy as possible. This is where the rake really comes into its own!


2. Chainsaw (Sharp!)

It may be obvious that a chainsaw is important for a tree surgeon to do a good job. What is perhaps not so obvious is that it needs to be extremely sharp. Not just to cut wood but to do it in the safest way possible. One of our mantras on site is “a sharp chainsaw is a safe chainsaw”. This reduces wear and tear, minimises operator fatigue and makes for a far more efficient job.


3. Chipper (Sharp!)

At BUTLERS our fleet of chippers are kept well maintained and replaced regularly. It’s super important to keep the chippers as sharp as our chainsaws. On average a busy ‘one-man-band’ tree surgeon will use his chipper for 300 hours per year! While some of the BUTLERS’ chippers are doing three times that with over 900 hours a year! We process approximately 3,000 tons of woodchip in a single year from our arboricultural jobs. Keeping our chippers sharp means we ensure our machines run efficiently under high usage.


4. MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform, also known as a Cherry Picker)

MEWPs are one of the safest ways to gain access into the trees. We have 10 MEWPs of all shapes and sizes. All are available for hire and are used wherever possible on our own jobs to make the work safer, quicker and more efficient for our staff and our customers. Not only do they help keep our team safe but they also enable some amazing views on a blue sky day!


5. PPE & Climbing Kit
We have an important list of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which we take very seriously onsite. We also have climbing kits for (you guessed it) our climbers, which are the team members that go up into the air to work on the trees. We covered this in one of our recent blogs which you can read HERE!


We hope you found this blog interesting and hopefully have gained a little more insight into life at BUTLERS. If you want to learn more about the services we provide with these tools, check out our website or get in touch with our team!