Preparing for Winter

The temperatures are continuing to drop, so as for your garden, it’s time to start preparing for Winter. While no one can force you to do a winter clean up, it’s definitely something we recommend. If you make sure your garden is in order before Winter is in full effect, you will definitely thank yourself in the Spring! So, here are some steps you can take to make sure your trees and plants are ready for a few months of cold weather…

Leaves, leaves and more leaves! 

leaves, preparing for winter If you live in a climate where trees change colour and shed their leaves, it’s a great idea to rake these up and make sure they’re off the ground once they’ve fallen. This will make your life a lot easier in the Spring when you’re preparing your garden for summer. Additionally, leaving leaves on the ground creates a perfect, damp environment for fungi and unwanted bacteria to grow. This could lead to the soil being depleted of all of its nutrients which means the plants you want in your garden will have a harder time growing.

How are your Trees? 

It’s time to give your trees a thorough inspection. The best time to do this is when the trees have already shed their leaves, allowing you to get a good look at the trunk and its branches. Make sure you have a look for any areas of concern. For example, loose or broken branches, signs of insect infestation or any holes in the bark or trunk. 

Broken Branches

When it comes to trees, every now and then their branches break and need to either be removed or watched carefully. During your tree inspection, if you notice any branches that are looking loose or that have breaks in them, it’s a good idea to have those removed. These can easily become a hazard in your garden, especially if you have young children or pets. 

All in all, preparing for Winter is a great idea, especially when it comes to tree and garden care. If you have any questions about your trees or whether you need a professional opinion, don’t hesitate to get in touch.