Storm Preparation

Importance of Storm Preparation

The winter months are known for the storms and bad weather brought with them. While you may have prepared your home for a massive storm, have you taken precautionary steps to help your trees stand a fighting chance against the high winds? Proper storm preparation is a crucial factor that plays into the health and overall look of a tree as well as its surrounding area. There is a lot more that goes into preparing a tree for a storm than one might think. For example, when prepping, you must consider all parts of the tree and understand how different types of storms may affect them. From the branches to the roots, each part of the tree must be cared for.   

If you have any questions about how best to prepare your tree, give us a call – we’re happy to help!  

Tree Maintenance

Regular tree maintenance could be the deciding factor as to whether your trees make it through a massive storm. Regularly cared for trees tend to have stronger structures, which makes it easier for them to defend against strong winds and harsh weather. However, if your trees have not had regular upkeep or just want extra protection for them, keep reading!

Tree Thinning and Pruning

Thinning the top of the trees will drastically reduce wind resistance, which is the main cause of the weakening in branches and trunks. In addition to this, pruning your trees will also allow for the removal of any dead, weakened or broken branches that may be easily displaced during a storm. There are many attributes of a branch that help determine whether it is capable of withstanding high winds. For this reason a consultation with a professional is always the safest option. This is important as it not only helps the tree, but reduces the risk of these branches causing issues in their surrounding environments.


While tree thinning and pruning are extremely important, there are other aspects of tree care that need to be taken into consideration. Mulching around the root of the tree is proven to help protect its root structure. Many people will forget this step or underestimate its benefits, however, having proper mulching is incredibly important. Mulching may be something that you can do yourself, but if you are not comfortable or confident in doing so, give us a call.

Lighting Preparation

Another aspect of storm preparation to consider is the installation of a lightning protection system. Lightning often accompanies winter storms and can be detrimental to weak or damaged trees. A tree that has been struck by lightning risks having its internal structure damaged. For this reason, the installation of a lighting protection system will help prevent the unfortunate effects of a lighting strike.

It is important to note that most of the above mentioned should not be attempted by non-arborists. As each tree is different and requires an individual examination to determine the best approach to be taken. For this reason, at Butlers, we offer a large range of services perfect for storm preparation. Call us for a free, non-obligatory quote.

Tips and Tricks!

  1. Ensure there is adequate drainage as heavy rain will cause excess water and you don’t want the plants to drown
  2. If your plants aren’t grown in a greenhouse, make sure they have a shelter around them. This ensures they will not get destroyed by heavy winds
  3. If you have young or newly planted trees, it is a good idea to re-stake or create a support structure as their roots will not have firmly secured themselves in the soil
  4. Secure/ground any hanging baskets
  5. Inspect trees surrounding areas – Are they around windows or powerlines?
  6. Ensure all fences are secured and are not at risk of damage
  7. Keep gutters clear