The Butlers Experience through the Generations

Recently, we interviewed two members of the team here at G A Butlers & Sons, Graham and Adam Butler. They are both of very different experience levels and we were curious to see their opinions on the business and the arboriculture industry as a whole. We wanted to get an idea of the Butlers experience through the generations.


Graham, along with the help of his two sons Luke and Stephen, established Butlers in 1996 and has been overseeing operations ever since. With over 40 years of experience, Graham is an industry expert and the perfect teacher and role model for anyone who joins the team.


On the other hand, we have Adam, who has recently joined the team as an Apprentice Arborist. While new to the business, he shows very strong promise and is often referred to as the CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer!


Keep reading to see the parallels between Graham and Adam…

G: Graham Butler

A: Adam Butler 

1. What is your take on the business, the industry and see the benefits of the history and opportunity for the future? Perhaps tell us about how the business got started and how it has changed since it’s been in operation. Or tell us about the best bits!


G: “When we started the business 25 years ago, the industry was just taking off. From the jump, we were one of the first companies to have a cherry picker. The arboriculture industry has evolved over the years and we’re thrilled to see how Butlers become a leading brand within the arb sector.”


A: “The best part of the industry for me is the use of machinery, things that make life easier and quicker when you’re trying to get a job done.”


2. How long have you been part of Butlers?


G: “25 right from the get-go. From the planting!”


A: “ I’ve been working for butlers for about one year now and hopefully there’s many more to come.”


3. What’s your favourite part of working with Butlers?


G: “Interaction with its people and clients. We like to treat every customer like family.”

A: “ My favourite part of working for butlers is probably the people I work with, this alone makes the job worth doing, also making memories that I’ll never forget.”


 4. How has it changed since you’ve been working here?


G: “From its early days, it was evident that if the effort and attention to detail were a priority, the business would grow quickly by reputation. Over 25 years later, this still rings true. So in some ways, there have been no changes as we still see effort and attention to detail as a priority ”


A: “It has already changed a lot since I’ve been working here, mainly to do with the amount of machinery that has come on board since I’ve joined, most notably the crane lorry.”


5. Favourite memory?


G: “Easy. There was one time during a massive storm, we were all having a great time working together despite the difficult conditions. Lot’s of good stories came out of that day! Another memory was when Mrs. Butler and I spent a Sunday night clearing a big ash tree that had fallen across the road new Hungerford. Not your typical Sunday night!”

A: “My favourite memory is probably when I was younger going out with my dad on an emergency call out in the middle of the night and he felled a tree perfectly even though it was difficult to see in the dark, what a legend.”


6. What could you learn from each other?


G: “To keep my feet moving, learn about a bark box, whatever that is!!”


A: “I could learn a lot from Grandad, I think any arborist in the country would be happy to have half the knowledge that he does.”


7. What could you teach each other?


G: “I could teach him how to sharpen saws properly, whereas he could teach me more about technology and how to use my phone properly”


A:  There are a few things I think I could teach Grandad, like introducing him to new things that can make the job get done more efficiently.”

 8. Where do you see the business in another 25 years?


G: “I think the industry will change from an ecological standing and everything will be electric. The world now values the creature more than the creator… We might be about to see a shift to carrying out only very remedial work to trees.

More than anything I want to see the business in fresh, safe hands continuing on with the Butlers traditions.”


A: “Hopefully in 25 years (or less) we’ll still be one of the top tree surgery company’s in the UK, with a huge lineup of gear that sets us apart from anyone around.”


As you can see, there are a lot of similarities while also a few differences between the answers. One thing that’s clear is that passion is at the heart of everything we do at Butlers. We aim to have a good time and make great memories while providing our clients with high-quality work. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.