Tree Care in Extreme Heat

This summer has had record breaking heat which has no doubt caused you and your trees some stress. It can be difficult to know the best way to care for your trees in such extreme heat. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to keep your trees thriving and looking their best during the hot summer months.


This goes without saying, make sure your trees are getting enough water. While there are a few natural rain showers that will give your garden some love, that’s nowhere near enough water to sustain your trees. Especially, saplings or those which have recently been planted. The best option to ensure your trees aren’t losing all of their precious water on these hot days, is to invest in an irrigation system. There are many types of irrigation systems to choose from and are excellent for monitoring the amount of water getting to your trees. By doing this, you will be kept from falling victim to overwatering.

Not only is the amount of water your tree is getting crucial, so is the timing of it. It’s recommended to water your trees in either the early morning or evening. It is best to water your trees when there is limited sunlight available which will evaporate a lot of the water before it has time to properly soak in.

Quick Tips

Cover the base of your trees with a thick layer of mulch. Doing this will help keep the soil around the trees roots moist and will help prevent evaporation. This will also reduce the temperature of the ground which will cause the tree less stress.

More frequently check your tree for infections, infestations and broken or cracked limbs. If you feel you cannot do a thorough job or don’t know what to look for, give us a call.