Why you should leave tree surgery to the experts

So, you’ve got an issue with a tree that needs some surgery. Maybe you’re looking to save money or maybe you think you’d have some fun doing it yourself. Either way, it would be a huge mistake to do it yourself, without any experience or the right skillset. We thought we’d explore what might go wrong if you try doing your own tree surgery, and why it’s in your best interests to leave the job to people who know what they’re doing.

Risk of Injury

There are a lot of risks involved in arborism, and the injuries you might sustain are the biggest reason to not attempt the job yourself. Many jobs involve climbing up trees to get to problem spots, which puts you at risk of falling and injuring yourself. There is also lots of heavy machinery that can get jobs done quicker and more efficiently, but without the proper training they can lead to severe injury. We only rent these machines out with a dedicated supervisor for a reason.

Doing the Job Wrong

Even if you ignore the significant chance you might hurt yourself, without the right knowledge and experience you also run the risk of doing the job wrong. At best this means the tree you’re working on will end up lopsided or generally poor looking – at worst it means breaking the tree irreparably. These are difficult, if not impossible, things to fix, so it’s best to just get an expert in to do the job right, the first time.

Laws & Paperwork

Something important to consider are the laws and regulations surrounding tree work, including the various licences needed to do it properly. For example, tree felling requires a licence to undertake, and chainsaws require a certification to operate. As a result of their work, experts will be fully certified in all the areas their job requires. Even then, there are trees that are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, which means that you need permission from the Local Authority before performing surgery on them. If you’re not careful, you can be fined for cutting a tree that is protected by law, and experts are more than aware of these risks.

If you’re having trouble with a tree, whether it needs removing or trimming, it’s best to leave it to the experts – or you might find yourself in deep trouble. We’re always happy to help – so why not contact us here?